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Das sagen unsere Coworker

Rainer Weichbrodt

Ich bin im Work Inn, um diese flexible Arbeitswelt auch für mich zu nutzen und liebe die Vielfalt der Kontakte, die dort möglich sind.

Nicole Kipphardt

Als freiberufliche Grafik-Designerin ist es mir wichtig mich mit anderen austauschen zu können. In einer Atmosphäre wie dem Work Inn und mit meinen Coworkern habe ich diese Möglichkeit, genauso wie ich es früher mit meinen Arbeitskollegen hatte. Darüber hinaus ist das Büro eine willkommene Abwechslung zu den eigenen vier Wänden.

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 Project your Space is a website dedicated to provide  coworkers as well as coworking space operators with useful information and research results.

Our Own Coworking Space "Work Inn"

After all our theoretical research Tim and I opened our own coworking space “Work Inn” in Dortmund. If you want to see more, have a look at the Work Inn subpage.


Storytelling and Coworking

The coworking conference in Barcelona covered several interesting topics. One of them was “storytelling” which was discussed by a panel consisting of Tony Bacigalupo (New Work City, New York), Liz Elam (Link Coworking/GCUC, Austin TX), Alberto Bassi (Lab 121, Alessandria), Yvonne Firdaus (GarageBilk, Düsseldorf) and moderated by Julianne Becker.


Here are their tips on how to explain what coworking means to potential new members: (Read more...)

Impressions of the Coworking Conference in Barcelona

Project Your Space attendet the coworking conference in Barcelona. We will share the interesting information we gathered in our upcoming texts. Here are some impressions for now.

5 Ideas to Foster Community


A vibrant community is the heart and soul of a coworking space. Hence, it is a vital task of a coworking space operator to foster networking among coworkers.

To find inspiration read more here.

Coworking Conference in Barcelona!





Project Your Space is excited to take part in the Coworking Conference in Barcelona!

See you there!

Take Part In Our Next Survey: Working in a Café?

Project Your Space wants to know if YOU have been a "mobiel worker" yet and where you found a suitable workplace? So, help us gather more information (5 min):


German speaking countries:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HVV27ZM

Great Britain: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HVKQNHR

USA: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HL6JFR8

Other English speaking countries:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HLMMFZW

Please share the links with your network!!!

My Desk Is My Castle - Pictures by Spiegel

We already wrote about the fact that everybody is different and works differently in "Coworking Personality Traits?". This now becomes wonderfully obvious in the pictures presented on http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/my-desk-is-my-castle-schreibtische-im-weltweiten-vergleich-fotostrecke-83041.html. Though the captions are in German, the vast variety of how people like their workplaces is just incredible and does not need further commenting. Have a look!

Coworking Personality Traits?


Are coworkers a special breed? 

Is there something like a coworking personality trait? 

We researched whether people who are extraverted are more interested in coworking than professionals who are introverted. ...Read more...

What Coworking Spaces Offer

Coworking spaces come in a great variety of sizes and ambience, offering different services and amenities for different clientele in different locations (Spinuzzi 2012, p. 400). There are, however, common features which can be identified. Coworking spaces seek to provide their clients with the best features of three classical workspaces utilized by mobile knowledge workers: The flexibility of the home office, the vibe of the café and the facilities of the serviced or traditional office (DeGuzman & Tang 2011, p. 41; CBRE 2013, p. 9). ...Read more...


Coworking Improves Health!

According to our and deskmag research, coworking can reduce health risks! ...Read more...

The Concept of Coworking

There is no commonly agreed upon definition of coworking and the concept is still evolving (DeGuzman & Tang 2011, p. 22; Spinuzzi2012, p. 433). Analysing elaborations on the concept by Coworking Wiki (no date), DeGuzman & Tang (2011) and Spinuzzi (2012) it can be deduced that essentially coworking aims to improve the work-life and performance of workers by providing them with professional and social networks (i.e. “community”) as well as a shared infrastructure. ...Read more...

What is coworking?


My research has shown that coworking is not very well known outside the  coworking community, yet. Especially among translators co-working means  something totally different, namely translating a text together. Hence, when I  started to write about  coworking, everybody said: "Well, I don't do co-working and, by the way, you have to
write it with a hyphen." The very best comment was: "What is cow  orking?" At first I thought that person wanted to tell me a joke about  cows until I realized that he was referring to the headline of one of my texts  about coworking.

So, what does coworking mean? Is it a new concept? Does it come from the
agricultural industry? Or is it just a common typo? ...Read more...

Why coworking might be interesting for you...

How do coworking spaces look like?

We visited four spaces in London to give you a peak inside.

The Advent of Mobile Knowledge Work

  1. Due to continuous network access, as well as server based software and database applications, mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and netbooks fully substitute traditional workstations (Andriole 2012, p. 52). Consequently, knowledge work has become technically independent from time and location (CBRE 2013, p. 3; Spinuzzi 2012, p. 40; Johns & Gratton 2013, pp. 68 f.; Venezia & Allee 2007, p. 168). As companies increasingly enable flexibility in time and location of work, mobile knowledge workers started to gravitate towards places where they can be most productive (Johns & Gratton2013, p. 68.)...Read more...
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